Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Celestial Marriage

I've been thinking alot about Celestial Marriage the last few weeks and I think maybe it's something I was supposed to be thinking about since I have a YM/YW Combined Activity on Temple Marriage that I planned for March 11th and last Sunday I was asked to speak this Sunday on the topic guessed it! Celestial Marriage.....hmmmmm...Coincidence? I think not.

I am so grateful to have been worthy to be married in a Temple of the Lord and to be sealed to my husband, not just for this life but for all eternity, through the Sealing Power of the Priesthood. What a wonderful blessing! I now have the opportunity, should I and all the members of my family choose to live worthy to return to live with Heavenly Father again, to be with not only Jason but with Ammon and Sariah and any other children we might have along the way FOREVER!

What an awesome blessing and what a HUGE responsibility. The choices I make now will set a path for not only myself, but for my family. If I don't choose to live my life worthily I could ruin any opportunity for my family to be with me through eternity, and if I don't teach my children correct principles, I could be keeping them from living the life they need to live in order for all of us to be together. WOW!

Why is being sealed to my family so important to me? Because I love them and I want to be with them always! I want to live with them through eternity, I want to have my husband and children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and so forth, all together in the Celestial Kingdom! It's Heavenly Father's plan! How WONDERFUL!


Millie and Me said...

I think you are a pretty good example for anybody to follow. I admire you, you know. From what I've seen of your kids in primary, I think you must be doing a pretty good job.

Miller Family said...

Aww, Chris. You made me cry. Thank you so much for such sweet words! I think you're pretty awesome yourself!

Cassie said...

Your talk was very nice. Thank you very much. I love your background. Too cute.

Doug and Linda said...

Well said Beth. Beautiful!

This is such a neat site that you have developed. Love watching the basketball clips. Way to go Ammon!
And Sariah... keep cheering girlfriend! Mom needs to create a cheerleading outfit for you and let you cheer from the sideline!

Love you all