Sunday, April 27, 2008

My absolute favorite pastime

I have been doing flowers for my friend Linda's (Iliff) wedding. Some of you know floral arranging is my absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world. I thought I'd share what's been keeping me busy the last few weeks. She wanted Iris and Lilac. I was nervous about these two flowers, but they turned out very nice! Enjoy! I had a blast doing them!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ammon's VERY bad day!

Well, I got my first "email" from Ammon's teacher. It seems there was a little altercation at recess. Ammon says he thought 2 boys, who by the way are some of Ammon's good friends - which surprised me, were talking about him while they were standing in line to come in from recess so he decided to "bang" their heads together. Who is this child? What has school done to him? Obviously this is totally unacceptable so, Ammon had to move his stick in class. The teacher says when she asked the two boys what was being talked about they told her something completely unrelated to Ammon. We spoke with Ammon and he had no good reason for what he did. He was punished accordingly! Well, then to top it all off I got a call from the school secretary asking me where Ammon was to go after school and I told her he is to ride the bus the same way he does EVERY afternoon. Ammon rides the bus home to the Coleman's and has since late January and this has NEVER been an issue before....Until Wednesday! Ammon was put on THE WRONG BUS and sent home to an empty house, and YES, he was let off the bus! Luckily the neighbor boy had a babysitter at his house and Ammon went there until we got everything figured out and knew where he was. Jason on the other hand was waiting at the Coleman's for Ammon to get off the bus! We're VERY unhappy about this "mix-up" as the transportation director at Ben Logan calls it. He has assured me this will NEVER happen again and I sure hope for his sake it doesn't!!!! I can't beleive that a bus driver, who knows this child should not be on her bus in the afternoon; would first of all, not question why he was there, but would then take him and drop him off, when apparently there is no one home! Holy Cow, he's 5!!!!!!!! Anyway, there's the recap of Ammon's Very Bad Day! Poor Kid!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A plea for help!

I found this little saying and thought "WOW! That's so how I feel most days!" I had to share!

Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth...AMEN..!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cuss Words...OH MY!

OH MY...we were sitting at the table, Ammon and Sariah and me, after church eating lunch and out of the clear blue sky Ammon says the "B" word. I said "What did you just say?" hoping that I heard him wrong, and he said it again. I immediately asked him where he heard that word and he said he couldn't remember, but he had heard it. OH MY! I told him he was to NEVER use that word again. He asked "WHY?" so I told him that it was a cuss word and it was very bad and he was never to say it and that prompted an argument about cuss words and how he didn't beleive there was such a thing and if it was so bad, what did it mean? OH MY! I explained the meaning and that there were really bad words and that he was way too nice and good of a boy to be using such filthy language, nevermind that he would be getting to gargle vinegar if he ever said it again. I told him if he didn't want to beleive me he could ask his dad when he got home...and he did! I think Jason was shocked...and his first question to Ammon was "Did you hear that at church today?" How funny! with kids is great!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just for Heather!

Okay, Heather asked, so here are some recent pics of the kids! When I remember to bring home the SD card from my digital photo frame on my desk at work I will upload some pics of our Spring Break Trip. The top picture of Ammon is his 2007-2008 Kindergarten picture. The middle picture is the picture we took for our Christmas cards 2007, and the bottom picture is one of Sariah's 3 year pictures.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh, the drama!

We started T-ball last night. Well, Ammon did anyway. I told Sariah she could bring a ball glove and ball and we would play while Ammon practiced. I think she heard "bring a ball glove and ball and you can practice with Ammon" Ugh! She cried and cried because she wanted to play. Sariah will get to play, but hers doesn't start until April 26th! She said she can't wait that long! Oh, the drama of being 3!

We went shopping to get Ammon ball pants and a bat after practice and guess what we found...a pink, left handed t-ball glove...Yes, left handed...this is a whole new experience for me, but I have a little girl on cloud nine because she has a pink ball glove...and a pink plastic bat to match!!! What a girl!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Break

We decided to use some of our tax return this year to go on Spring Break. We took a train, yes, a train to Kansas City and we had a really good time. I would take a train again anytime! Trains are much roomier than flying, allow the kids to get up and move, have a dining car and snack services, and with the price of gas the way it is are VERY wallet friendly. We left home Saturday morning March 22 and went to Lafayette, IN to Angela and Shannon's house. We had Easter with them (egg hunt, colored eggs, Easter Dinner and of course CANDY!). We stayed the night in Lafayette and boarded the train at 8:00am Sunday morning. We took a small train from Lafayette to Chicago and then took a Large Superliner from Chicago to KC. We got in to KC at 11:00pm on Sunday and Jen was there to get us. We spent the week with Charles, Jen and as Sariah says Baby Haylee (who has got to be the cutest neice I've ever had!). We did lots of cool stuff while we were in KC. We went to Kaleidoscope, the Hallmark Visitors Center, Crown Center, Crayola Cafe, The KC Zoo, Retro Bowl, The Liberty Jail, Penguin Park, and Science City. IT WAS A FULL WEEK! We also had time to go out to dinner with Charles and Jen for Jason's b-day, Visit with Aunt Vonda, Shane and Terre (and Michael and Emily), and have a birthday party for Jason and Matt & Jennifer's house! After our full week we boarded the train again on Saturday the 29th and came back to Lafayette, where we again spent the night and then drove home. I have to upload the pictures and then I will post some here =0)

New to this

Well, here we go. I have never been much for blogging but LOVE to read everyone elses...LOL. I thought to be fair I'd start a blog for others to read. We'll see if I can keep it up to date! Just a warning, life is never boring around here. I hope you enjoy reading about our craziness!