Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Break

We decided to use some of our tax return this year to go on Spring Break. We took a train, yes, a train to Kansas City and we had a really good time. I would take a train again anytime! Trains are much roomier than flying, allow the kids to get up and move, have a dining car and snack services, and with the price of gas the way it is are VERY wallet friendly. We left home Saturday morning March 22 and went to Lafayette, IN to Angela and Shannon's house. We had Easter with them (egg hunt, colored eggs, Easter Dinner and of course CANDY!). We stayed the night in Lafayette and boarded the train at 8:00am Sunday morning. We took a small train from Lafayette to Chicago and then took a Large Superliner from Chicago to KC. We got in to KC at 11:00pm on Sunday and Jen was there to get us. We spent the week with Charles, Jen and as Sariah says Baby Haylee (who has got to be the cutest neice I've ever had!). We did lots of cool stuff while we were in KC. We went to Kaleidoscope, the Hallmark Visitors Center, Crown Center, Crayola Cafe, The KC Zoo, Retro Bowl, The Liberty Jail, Penguin Park, and Science City. IT WAS A FULL WEEK! We also had time to go out to dinner with Charles and Jen for Jason's b-day, Visit with Aunt Vonda, Shane and Terre (and Michael and Emily), and have a birthday party for Jason and Matt & Jennifer's house! After our full week we boarded the train again on Saturday the 29th and came back to Lafayette, where we again spent the night and then drove home. I have to upload the pictures and then I will post some here =0)

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Cassie said...

Welcome to the blog world! Your trip sounds wonderful. I want to take a train ride now. What a great way to start Spring!