Monday, April 21, 2008

Ammon's VERY bad day!

Well, I got my first "email" from Ammon's teacher. It seems there was a little altercation at recess. Ammon says he thought 2 boys, who by the way are some of Ammon's good friends - which surprised me, were talking about him while they were standing in line to come in from recess so he decided to "bang" their heads together. Who is this child? What has school done to him? Obviously this is totally unacceptable so, Ammon had to move his stick in class. The teacher says when she asked the two boys what was being talked about they told her something completely unrelated to Ammon. We spoke with Ammon and he had no good reason for what he did. He was punished accordingly! Well, then to top it all off I got a call from the school secretary asking me where Ammon was to go after school and I told her he is to ride the bus the same way he does EVERY afternoon. Ammon rides the bus home to the Coleman's and has since late January and this has NEVER been an issue before....Until Wednesday! Ammon was put on THE WRONG BUS and sent home to an empty house, and YES, he was let off the bus! Luckily the neighbor boy had a babysitter at his house and Ammon went there until we got everything figured out and knew where he was. Jason on the other hand was waiting at the Coleman's for Ammon to get off the bus! We're VERY unhappy about this "mix-up" as the transportation director at Ben Logan calls it. He has assured me this will NEVER happen again and I sure hope for his sake it doesn't!!!! I can't beleive that a bus driver, who knows this child should not be on her bus in the afternoon; would first of all, not question why he was there, but would then take him and drop him off, when apparently there is no one home! Holy Cow, he's 5!!!!!!!! Anyway, there's the recap of Ammon's Very Bad Day! Poor Kid!

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Becky said...

I'm sorry, but I have to admit the picture of sweet little Ammon bangin' heads together made me laugh. Just don't tell him that. Every parent I know has that "where did this child come from?!?" moment. Okay, moments. This is good that you've put it in writing for future use.