Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh, the drama!

We started T-ball last night. Well, Ammon did anyway. I told Sariah she could bring a ball glove and ball and we would play while Ammon practiced. I think she heard "bring a ball glove and ball and you can practice with Ammon" Ugh! She cried and cried because she wanted to play. Sariah will get to play, but hers doesn't start until April 26th! She said she can't wait that long! Oh, the drama of being 3!

We went shopping to get Ammon ball pants and a bat after practice and guess what we found...a pink, left handed t-ball glove...Yes, left handed...this is a whole new experience for me, but I have a little girl on cloud nine because she has a pink ball glove...and a pink plastic bat to match!!! What a girl!

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Ira and Heather said...

How exciting to know you have a blog!!! Now I want to see some pictures please. I can't believe your kids are 3 and 5 now. How time flies.
Love, Heather Alcantara