Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well, Ammon has one more game left and I thought it might be a really good idea to take some pictures of him! So here they are. The kids have really improved over the last 2 months!

Just to explain a little, we play sports in Bellefontaine instead of Rushsylvania because in Bellefontaine all the games are the same place and in Rushsylvania they are all over the county. We also like the organization in Bellefontaine better. It's very non-competative, they don't keep score at this age, and the coaches are on the field (in both Tee-ball and Soccer) to help the kids know what they are supposed to be doing. In Rushsylvania there are pre-season tournaments, they keep score during the season, and they have tournaments after the season games are over based on your "ranking" during the season. I see no reason for this when they are 5 and 6 years old! Sports at this age should be about having fun! Anyway, sorry for the rant. Here are the pictures!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ammon's Six!

His Favorite Color is: Red

His Favorite Food is: Chinese
His Favorite Animal is: A Dog

His Favorite Sport is: Soccer

His Favorite Class is: Art

His Favorite Movie is: Star Wars

His Favorite Day of the week is: Saturday

His Favorite Video Game is: Cars

His Favorite Toy is: Star Wars Lego Sets

Ammon turned six yesterday and he had his birthday party at the Columbus Clippers game. The Columbus Clippers are the AAA Farm team for the Washington Nationals. Ammon chose to take Mitch Coleman and Clayton Snavely with him and they had a super duper time!

When we got to the park we had a birthday party on the patio just inside Gate #3. We got Hot Dogs, Popcorn, Pop, Water, Cheryl & Co. Cookies and Cake! We all also got Clippers Penants, Victory Bells, and T-shirts, and Ammon got a Special Edition Birthday Celebration Baseball!

The kids also got to meet LouSeal and Krash the Mascots for the Clippers!

Between the 2nd and 3rd innings the kids got to go out on the field with the Mascots to do the chicken dance! During this time they put the birthday kid's pictures on the Scoreboard!

It was Clifford The Big Red Dog Day at the Park and Sariah was just beside herself to be with Clifford!

We had AWESOME seats right down the Third Base Line! We saw 3 Home Runs, had several foul balls come our way and almost had a cracked bat up our way! The kids had a blast and were very well behaved!

What Fun! We had a blast and it'll be a memorable experience for all of us!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sariah, Sariah, Sariah!!!!!!!

Okay, so....I've posted about Ammon and maybe I should post about Sariah. Sariah is 3 1/2 she weighs a whole 28lbs, but eventhough she's little she's full of spunk and determination! You don't EVER tell SAriah she can't do something because she's too little. She'll prove you wrong every time! She is very energetic, loving and caring. She's my little daredevil of sorts. Well, maybe not really a daredevil, but she's WAYYYY more willing to try things than Ammon is! Sariah is doing tumbling and LOVES it! Ms. Gloria is her coach and she's VERY, VERY good with Sariah! Here
is a picture of how I found Sariah the other day...she must have been tired!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Officially a 1st Grader!

Well, not that I had any doubt, but Ammon is officially a 1st Grader! WOW!! What happened to my baby? He's getting so big and is so smart! This year in kindergarten Ammon has learned to read, spell, add and subtract, and write in Denelian (for those of you who grew up the same time as me, Denelian is printing with tails on all the letters to help the kids learn to transition to my opinion it looks silly, but that's what they want them to learn!). Ammon's favorite thing at school is Art class. He made some really cool projects this year! Ammon's favorite food at school is the Pizza they ALWAYS have on Fridays and Ammon's least favorite thing about school is nap time, but they quit doing that about half way through the year. Ammon also had the opportunity to have Chinese class every week this year. he can sing several songs in Chinese and can say a few words too!

Ammon 1st day of Kindergarten 2007-2008 School Year

Ammon on Funny Feet Day (He really has on two different socks and 2 different shoes)

Ammon after a presentation from local firefighters

Ammon saying his part at his Kindergarten Program "Kid's Rock" - He said "We rock when we let our light shine!" - Then they sang "This Little Light of Mine"

Ammon playing games at the Kindergarten End of Year Party!