Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Officially a 1st Grader!

Well, not that I had any doubt, but Ammon is officially a 1st Grader! WOW!! What happened to my baby? He's getting so big and is so smart! This year in kindergarten Ammon has learned to read, spell, add and subtract, and write in Denelian (for those of you who grew up the same time as me, Denelian is printing with tails on all the letters to help the kids learn to transition to cursive....in my opinion it looks silly, but that's what they want them to learn!). Ammon's favorite thing at school is Art class. He made some really cool projects this year! Ammon's favorite food at school is the Pizza they ALWAYS have on Fridays and Ammon's least favorite thing about school is nap time, but they quit doing that about half way through the year. Ammon also had the opportunity to have Chinese class every week this year. he can sing several songs in Chinese and can say a few words too!

Ammon 1st day of Kindergarten 2007-2008 School Year

Ammon on Funny Feet Day (He really has on two different socks and 2 different shoes)

Ammon after a presentation from local firefighters

Ammon saying his part at his Kindergarten Program "Kid's Rock" - He said "We rock when we let our light shine!" - Then they sang "This Little Light of Mine"

Ammon playing games at the Kindergarten End of Year Party!

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Cassie said...

Congratulations Ammon! Glad you had a great first year in school.