Friday, June 6, 2008

Sariah, Sariah, Sariah!!!!!!!

Okay, so....I've posted about Ammon and maybe I should post about Sariah. Sariah is 3 1/2 she weighs a whole 28lbs, but eventhough she's little she's full of spunk and determination! You don't EVER tell SAriah she can't do something because she's too little. She'll prove you wrong every time! She is very energetic, loving and caring. She's my little daredevil of sorts. Well, maybe not really a daredevil, but she's WAYYYY more willing to try things than Ammon is! Sariah is doing tumbling and LOVES it! Ms. Gloria is her coach and she's VERY, VERY good with Sariah! Here
is a picture of how I found Sariah the other day...she must have been tired!


Cassie said...

She is a doll! She may be small, but she can take care of herself.
Love the new background. So cute.

Aunt Diane M. said...

You gotta love that girl!