Monday, June 8, 2009

Disappointed and Frustrated

We've been on and off with the schools around here on whether or not they will accept Camila for open enrollment, and the final word is "NO". We were so pumped and very emotionally involved with the idea of hosting Camila for the next school year and we're very disappointed and frustrated to say the least. It seems that the schools in Logan County have jointly decided not to allow open enrollment to happen at all, except for students who were previously open enrolled in a, to make that clearer, they are not accepting any new open enrollments at any of the schools in the county for this next school year.

There is a little girl from Thailand that Ben Logan will accept that is available, but she is not LDS. She is willing to attend and participate in her host family's religious activities though. We're looking into hosting her since we had everything ready to host Camila and would still enjoy the experience. We'll keep you posted on this.


Cassie said...

Sorry that things didn't work out. Will we still be able to have Camilla in our branch?

Miller Family said...

I hope so. I know Jo has contacted Monica and Eric, but they aren't sure if they want to do it or not yet. I know Dianne and Mike were interested too.