Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting to know Mingzhu

We received our first email from Mingzhu today. We're learning about her and that makes us so much more excited to add her to our family! Here are the things we learned today:

1. Her American name is Charlene, that is what she wishes to be called while here in the US.

2. She LOVES kids and dogs

3. She enjoys art, reading, swimming and cooking...and wants to cook Chinese food for us...YUMMMM

4. Her favorite color is blue

5. She is excited to attend church and participate in Young Women's

6. She wants to experience walking the dogs in the park...she says that will be amazing.

We are so blessed to be able to have her in our home and as a part of our family! I will post new things I learn as we continue to communicate prior to her arrival on August 16th into Dayton!


Millie and Me said...

I guess that she speaks english then, I am looking forward to meeting her, maybe she can meet Millie sometime, I know Millie would love it.

By the way I notice you have a lot of Garth Brooks on your music, I didn't realize you liked him soo much, I have always liked his music...It's nice to know you do to.

Becky said...

I'm so glad this is working out for your family! Looking forward to meeting her. Is she going to do Seminary, too? (That may be pushing it, for all of you!;))

Miller Family said...

Chris, I love Garth Brooks. I saw him in concert when I was in school! AMAZING!

I'm sure Charlene will LOVE Millie, who doesn't =0)

I wasn't going to ask her to attend Seminary since she is not a member, but she will attend church and Wed. Activities...she says she's excited to get to attend and participate!