Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Charlene is very talented. Here are a few paintings she has done. Ammon hopes she will help him learn more about paintng. She says since she started high school she hasn't has as much time to paint, but she still enjoys it.


Millie and Me said...

Wow, those are really pretty... I also like your new background!!!

St said...

Those are good. That middle one is amazing. I can't tell what it is that makes her eyes so haunting. Gorgeous.

Vivian Ye said...

you are right, charlene is very talented. No one ever taught her or initiate her to draw. she started drawing on her own before she attend elementry school. when she is in elementry school, She would draw great pictures almost every week. We used to have a board in her room and it is all over her pictures. also, we framed a few of her pictures and hang them in our living room. I hope she can continue her great drawing!